Some Healthy Habits To Avoid Vehicle Breakdowns

In order to avoid unpleasant visits to the mechanic here are some tips to help you. There are two types of faults, avoidable and unavoidable. The latter is due to natural wear all car experience, but there are others which are due exclusively to the owner and their habits. I recommend everyone read, you can learn more a useful little thing. But if you want to destroy your car and hope to go on high auto repair bills, read this backwards:

  • Oil changes: It is important to have a proper oil level that is between minimum and maximum, especially if you normally moves at high speed or you live in the mountains. You are playing with you, if the oil drop down to its required level.
  • Tires pressure: At least once a month to ensure that the pressure, which decreases inevitably. The lower it is, you increase the consumption/emissions, lengthen braking distances and lose grip, especially in the wet. Moreover, before the tire is deteriorated.

Rest the turbos: The turbocharger is a piece that rotates up to 250,000 RPM, RPS is changed in more than 4,100. Such rotation speed requires adequate lubrication, if the engine is turned off, the lubrication is short, and this quality decreases when rotated at a high speed long time. If in the last kilometers you have gone fast or turbo has made efforts such as hill climbing, towing, etc. let the engine idle a few seconds. Some vehicles do this automatically.


  • Treading cold: The lubrication is not optimal or 100% effective when the oil has not reached the proper temperature and viscosity. Under these conditions the moving parts are more vulnerable to accelerated wear and eventual death of the engine. Wait at least 10-15 minutes before giving strong.
  • Walking short distances: For similar reasons to those before the engine it is not properly lubricated in such circumstances. If you can, go walking, and if necessary move it a short distance, driving very gently. In addition, consumption is highest in those circumstances.
  • Hands on the wheel: The habit of leaving his hand on the knob of change may seem innocent hand on the window or on the package, but the truth is that we do extra pressure on the knob makes the box changes suffer additional wear and thus reduce its useful life. Do not forget that the hands must be on the wheel unless we are promptly changing or manipulating some control, it is a safety issue.
  • Misuse gearshift: By this they will penalize the practical driving license examination. At low engine RPM suffers overexert as strong in 5th speed 1,500 RPM, and by the same token, bring the engine speed unreasonably reduces lubrication efficiency and increases consumption. A good driver knows how making good use of change.

Moreover, diesel particle filters in modern turbo diesel need to be changed or DPF Delete is essential because vehicles move on the highway accumulate a significant amount of debris. An engine of this type cannot stay long without exceeding 50 km/h, but not Needless to 5,000 RPM put to burn particles.


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Several of these tips can be applied to those who drive turbo diesel as if you do not consider then go crying to the mechanic for broken turbo, injectors, exhaust system and the like. In a diesel engine lubrication is even more important as compared to gasoline engine, therefore you need to wait a few seconds to start up with this engine. And the owners of a rotary engine may well apply to the lubrication pat, as if it ignores the engine can die in less time than expected. Watch your vehicle if you want it to take care of you.